Monday, October 29, 2007

Election Match Game

With the Iowa Caucuses coming January 3, I decided to play USA Today's Candidate Match Game: 11 questions about national issues (war, immigration, tax reform, health care, marriage) to see which candidates are best for me. My top three:

1. Bill Richardson
2. Joe Biden
3. Hillary Clinton

I've been a quiet Richardson supporter; he has a sensible plan for the war and and for global warming. He also had the funniest campaign commercial series.

The most surprising was that Biden was my second choice. I've felt that Biden is a one-issue candidate, banking that his position on the war will create enough traction to merit serious consideration of him as a presidential candidate. I guess I'll have to take a deeper look at him.

I was also surprised that Hillary was my third choice. I have been reluctant to embrace Hillary's run because her campaign platform seems to be this: "I should be president of this country because I want it more than all the other candidates." Desire and ambition (and even the experience that she has touted more recently) does not make one a presidential nominee. Nevertheless, I'll give Ms. Clinton a second look, too.

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