Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Exclusive: Dannation election endorsements

My grandfather once said that the most important elections are for judges, because they are the ones who will interpret the law. As I sat down with my early ballot this week, I tried to find information about my judges here in Iowa and found nothing on the websites of the Des Moines Register, Iowa City Press-Citizen, or The Cedar Rapids Gazette. Nothing. Was there anything out there on these officials?

As it turns out, I have a co-worker who is also on the county democratic party. He suggested visiting the Iowa Bar Association for their recommendations. Success! The Iowa Judicial Branch also provides a voter guide about the judical candidates.

One other idea: in Nevada, Clark County would send out sample ballots prior to each election with the candidates up for each elected office, plus the propositions and tax levies up for vote. Simple. Brilliant. Iowa, can we do this?

On to other election news...

So, what is the Dannation endorsement? Dannation endorses...voting. Making your voice heard. Engaging in the process. Our nation is a body, democracy is work, and each of us are muscles - please flex November 4, if you haven't already. Your fellow Americans cannot bear your inaction any longer. Your nation needs your participation.

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