Monday, December 15, 2008

Rivalries, scheduling, and fantasy sports

Nice write-up about NY-NJ rivalry games by Puck the Media.

The post reminds me of a second reason why football/baseball may have traction where hockey does not. Fantasy sports. Perhaps it’s the way each sport allows its fans to participate in the game through fantasy sports. Both football and baseball have a relatively clear schedule. The NFL is on Sundays. And Mondays. And Thursdays. Major League Baseball is played every day, except for the occasional Monday and Thursday. The NHL? Well…you see…

What if the NHL adopted a three night system, say Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday? An 82 game schedule could be played in 27 weeks. Toss in a few extra gamedays (New Year’s Day, Canadian Thanksgiving), and the schedule would fit within the current October-early April season. Game promotion would be more straightforward and fantasy leagues would not be subject to the occasional weeklong lull.

This idea needs some fleshing out, of course, but what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts about "NHL days?"

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