Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book offer

I'm twittering now. (You can follow me @ danmcq13.) The twitterers I'm following fall into one of three groups - Iowans (like U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley or television anchor Beth Malicki), hockey fans (umassdilo or motherpucker), and social media professionals (like shannonpaul or davefleet). Also, following Shaq is a must.

About an hour ago, Dave Fleet tweeted, "So Andy Nulman is giving away copies of his book if you blog that you want one. Sorry, I'm not begging for it. http://is.gd/gEgv."

I was intrigued, I clicked on the link. Now, I am following Andy's instructions. Andy Nulman, please send me a copy of your book Pow! Right Between The Eyes! - How To Profit From The Power of Surprise. I've linked to your blog. In lieu of broadcasting my address to the world, please email me for my address.

I'll post a review and reaction to the book in a future post.

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