Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to sync Facebook with Twitter

It's amazing what a Facebook status update can do to stir conversation. I update that I have synced my Facebook to my Twitter (@danmcq13) and I get comments right away asking how. Gwen writes, "BTdoubleyou, how did you do that?" Maggie adds, "I guess that's why I never did all the twitter-speak stuff and I was never ambitious enough to figure it all out." Norm notes, "If you do a @ reply, it does not show up on your Facebook."

So, you can read either of these blogs (AJ or Ryan) but both are out of date because Facebook has simplified the process for adding applications. Here's the quick and dirty version

  1. Type "Twitter" into the search field, found in the upper right corner of the Facebook page.
  2. Choose the application "Twitter."
  3. Click the blue button "Add to page" and follow the instructions.
  4. Tweet away!


Gwen said...

Aha. Ahahaha. So honestly, I thought that that application had been disabled, which was why I was so confused. But now I see that it does, in fact, still work. Touche.

David Pogue said...


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