Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun with adjectives

It's strange how adding an adjective to a noun completely changes its meaning. Lately, Sara and I have been adding "lady" to our language with amusing results.
  • "Let's have a glass of lady coffee."
  • "Did you grab the lady keys?"
  • "Read a copy of my lady book."
  • "Could you answer the lady phone?"
It also can create some embarassing double entendres:
  • "Mind your own business" becomes "Mind your own lady business." That's a little awkward.
  • "Got milk?" becomes...uhh...rrrriiight [Dr. Evil style].
This is also fun with other adjectives. For instance, three-legged.
  • "That three-legged race was close!"
  • "Looks like we have a three-legged problem here."
  • "Would you like mustard on your three-legged sandwich?"
What sounds silly with "lady"? What other adjectives evoke silliness?

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