Monday, May 19, 2008

Baseball...with children

Columbus Dispatch sports writer Todd Jones takes his daughters to a baseball game and an interrogation breaks out.

This reminds me of a game I attended in 2006. I was in San Diego for a research project. One of the other researchers had never attended a baseball game. She was from China. The Padres happened to have a homestand, playing the New York Mets. I spent much of the game explaining balls, strikes, outs, and all the other requisites of Baseball 101.

The game was noteworthy for two other reasons. One, there was an inside-the-park home run by Kazuo Matsui (very cool, I had never seen one of those before) and a home run by then 47-year-old Julio Franco, who became the oldest player in Major League Baseball history to hit a home run. Nice.

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