Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FAT WASH MANURING (Fun with Anagrams)

The excellent CBJ blog Dark Blue Jackets has posted anagrams of current Blue Jackets players. Using the anagram generator, Here's a few more:

The anagram for Columbus Blue Jackets? JUMBLE SUCKABLE SCOUT, which could be a metaphor for the first decade of the franchise. And the anagram for their mascot, Stinger? Resting.

I went ahead and did anagrams for some of the contributors to Puck Daddy, one of the great hockey blogs on the internets.

Puck Daddy: DUCK PADDY
Greg Wyshinski: SKY WHY SNIGGER
Dmitry Chesnokov: SHOCK DIRTY VENOM
Sean Leahy: ANALYSE HE
Matt Romig: GOT TRIM AM
And the best one belongs to Ryan Lambert: BALMY RANTER (a much more appropriate nickname than “Two-Line Pass”)

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