Monday, November 3, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Election night live blog tomorrow!

Dannation will blog about the election tomorrow.

Here are some quick election observations and thoughts:

- While it's no surprise that Andrew Sullivan has endorsed Obama, he has eloquently interpreted the political situation that makes Obama better suited to be president. The next four years will likely be difficult for our nation - wars, foreign policy, restoring the Constitution at home, restoring our reputation abroad.

Part of the reason why Obama is better suited is expressed by hilzoy. Obama has demonstrated composure and restraint in comparison to McCain's reactionary moves. Our nation has been well-served by acting with the long-term in mind, and we need a leader who acts with our future in mind. As Sullivan states:

The truth is: we are in a war for the future of human civilization. We are fighting for a world in which destructive technology need not collide with fierce religious fundamentalism to annihilate us all; for a world in which dialogue across cultures and religions and regions (even within America) is essential if we are to survive. We need to win the argument in the developing world; we need to reach out and persuade the Muslim middle - especially the next generation in Iran and Iraq and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Western Europe - about the virtues of democracy and constitutionalism. We cannot do that if we trash our own values ourselves. It is self-defeating. We cannot be a beacon to the world until we have reformed ourselves.
- Self-effacing McCain is better than Attack McCain. On Saturday Night Live, His mock QVC informercial with Sarah Palin impersonator Tina Fey was even more hilarious than Amy Poehler's Palin rap. James Fallows interprets McCain's SNL appearance as a sign of McCain's electoral concession. Here are the clips:


Palin rap:

- Sullivan's analysis of Obama from December 2007 is also worth reading.

- 538: Best. Election. Analysis. Someone buy those boys a round, please.

- Saying things with periods: Biggest. Cliche. Ever.

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