Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

This still doesn't seem real. Barack Obama will be our president. Read that aloud. My heart still flutters. My eyes still get misty. Wow.

Last night, Mrs. Nation and I watched the election returns with our friends, Dave and Julie. It was an impromptu party spurred by moving in new, stylish couches. After watching the concession and acceptance speeches, Dave and I got to business. As we carried one of the old couches to our truck (thanks again, Dave and Julie!), we could hear celebration. Sure enough, Grinnell College students were cheering, even setting off fireworks. We decided to drive downtown (God bless Main Street) and found a group of 15 people literally dancing in the streets. Once was dancing with his baby. We also drove by the Democratic headquarters, which was dark. Good for them. They earned the night off.

Throughout the day and evening, I checked status updates on Facebook. (Facebook for Mobile: So good. I think I need another fix.) All but one update out of dozens mentioned voting. Last night, most of my friends were elated -- and proud. My first-year roommate from college, however, wanted to move to Mexico.

Once Mrs. Nation and I got into bed, I decided that our unborn child, BabyCue, needed to know. So, I told it the news. I was worried about bringing a child into this world filled with dissention and hate. Now, I feel better.

My sense of hope and joy is tempered by one fear: an Obama assassination. As I started to believe that yes, this could happen, I read a postcard on PostSecret that voiced the deep fear I had. This morning, several co-workers and I revealed our shared fear. Remember that in May 2007, he first received Secret Service protection. Barack, I pray for you, your family, and our country that it does not happen.

PS: Dina Titus won the 3rd Congressional district in Nevada. Congrats, Dina!

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